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Today's mission:

  1. Watch or listen to 'Ask the Expert' with our panel (35 minutes)
  2. Check out the resource pack from our panelists
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Ask the Expert Q&A


Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence, Owner & Managing Director, Corridor HR Solutions
Jennifer's LinkedIn Corridor HR Solutions
Carla Andorf
Carla Andorf, Dean of Workforce Services at Kirkwood Community College
Carla's LinkedIn Carla's Email
Shannon Kelly
Shannon Kelly, Executive Leadership Coach & Business Consultant
Shannon's LinkedIn Endless Ocean Coaching
Jill Kofron
Jill Kofron, Sales Executive at Cottingham & Butler
Jill's LinkedIn

Ask the Expert Resource Pack

All resources are open to the public and all job seekers. One resource not mentioned in our chat was the Library’s free resume lab and live job coaching with a tool called Brainfuse as well as the newly released podcast “Mission Employable” from Iowa Workforce Development.

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