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Today's mission:

  1. Learn about the Corridor's top Industries.
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Top Industries in Eastern Iowa

Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and surrounding areas feature a diverse economy built on key industries. In Cedar Rapids, sales, manufacturing, and food and bio-processing are growing industries along with healthcare and trucking.

Biotechnology , insurance and finance as well as technology, engineering and automation are showing bright outlooks.

Within each industry, a large variety of career paths are available - for instance, you may have marketing, technology or management skills that could apply to any industry. Likewise, physical abilities, communication skills, and dependability traits would apply to any industry as well.

Healthcare roles are not limited to just nurses and doctors - although there is a great need for CNAs, LPNs, RNs, and residents. Healthcare has many more entry-level roles including maintenance and sterilization, customer service specialists, and lab technicians.

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sales Healthcare Manufacturing Trucking Technology

Career Path Discussion Video


Pranav Shrestha
Pranav Shrestha, Principal Associate, Brand, Capital One
Pranav’s LinkedIn
Leah Vann
Leah Vann, Hawkeye Football Reporter, The Gazette
Leah’s LinkedIn
Dan Holterhaus
Dan Holterhaus, Data Analyst, The Gazette/Corridor Careers
Dan’s LinkedIn
Liz Kennedy
Liz Kennedy, Product Manager, The Gazette/Corridor Careers
Liz’s LinkedIn

Concepts Covered

North Star Exercise

The panel referenced something called a North Star Exercise. This exercise asks some basic, but important questions:

  • Where do I see myself? Or where do I want to be and why.
  • What would be the ultimate position where I would want to be in and what would I want to be doing?

So once I had written that down, it made all the other decisions, very easy. So in picking the types of jobs I was looking at, and picking the types of projects I wanted to work in, and all of that really kind of flowed together after that.

– Pranav Shrestha

  • Write out what you want your dream day to look like
  • What does my dream existence look like?

And I think that really kind of put me on a path to you know, figure out what what I was good at, number one. And then also kind of figuring out what I wanted my days to look like, and…career is one part of your life.

-Dan Holterhaus

Download North Star Exercise Worksheet

Create your Personal Board of Directors

Pranav shared the concept of creating your personal Board of Directors, which is essentially picking a few folks – it could be your friends, it could be people you work with, it could be your college professors – but just having a really good set of folks that you can always reach out to for advice, and vice versa, offer you an opportunity where you can contribute back to them.

Download Board of Directors Worksheet

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