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Hiring is hard.  With an unemployment rate of around 2.7% in Eastern Iowa1, you know you’ll be competing with other employers for candidate attention, let alone finalizing the job offer and attracting top talent.  And with so many points of entry for candidates to conduct their job search, posting your job online can feel like trying to hit a moving target.

Never fear—we’ve got you covered.  By posting your job to Corridor Careers, you can stand out in the crowd, find quality candidates, and maximize your exposure to a wider number of niche job boards… all with just a few clicks!

Your posting, Your way.

Corridor Careers offers a variety of online posting packages tailored to your needs.  With our Network Reach offering, you get the best of both worlds: local and national reach.  Our tool will post your job out onto job networks like ZipRecruiter, GlassDoor, and other job sites that funnel candidates back to us — and back to your job posting — in order to apply. Plus you get the benefit of our enthusiastic, local pool of candidates that are waiting for the next opportunity to appear in their job search!

More views, Better awareness

With our Top Placements package, Corridor Careers puts your job front and center. We will list your job on the homepage of corridorcareers.com, and we ensure it floats to the top of search results. This top-of-mind visibility pays dividends: these spots consistently achieve the highest apply rates from our candidates, which means you’ll have a wider pool to pick from.

One form, a few clicks.

Once you know what you want to say, Corridor Careers makes it easy to get the message out. Paste your content into our form, fill in the details for how to apply, and you’re ready to go. You’ll get to preview your job posting and make any changes you like before approving it for distribution to our site and the network, with Corridor Careers guiding you every step of the way.

Chat with us

Our online self-serve pages offer chat during working ours so if you don’t want to call, but you want a quick answer, use the live chat feature.

Track your data, manage your brand.

Corridor Careers Employer Dashboard
Corridor Careers Employer Dashboard (Logged In)

Once your job is live, we offer the ability to track user views and engagement so you can test what works and what doesn’t. With an account, you can edit your posting to tweak it just right, as well as fill out your free employer profile to help candidates find out a little more about who you are as a company.

A local team with a local touch

Even though we leverage the latest recruitment technology to help you get ahead of the pack, Corridor Careers is run by a local team of experts. If you run into a scenario that requires special attention or a delicate approach, our recruitment specialists are happy to lend a hand. You’re never stuck shouting into the void—just call or email, whatever works for your schedule!


When you pick Corridor Careers for your job posting, you make it easy to stand head and shoulders above other employers in attracting local, top-quality candidates. No headaches, no moving targets.  Get started today, and post your job with Corridor Careers.

1 Cedar Rapids, August 2018